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Tree Removal, Stump Grinding and Arboist Services at Bayside Platation Louisiana

We have satisfied customers from Lafayette past Calumet. Our home base is Jeanerette, but we service all of New Iberia, Youngsville, Lafayette, & Broussard, LA. Trust Bayouside Tree Service with some of your most valuable assets around your home or business, your trees. Trees add to the natural beauty and appearance of your property. Therefore, it is important that they remain healthy and thriving for as long as possible.

That's what we do. Rather than just taking down a tree, or trimming it strictly for utilitarian purposes, we want to actually care for the tree. We feel that the long term-health of the tree is more important than just making sure the branches don't interfere with power lines. We have a licensed arborist on staff that can make sure your trees are getting the long-term care that they need.

Take Good Care of Your Property

Hire an arborist based out of New Iberia, Lafayette, & Broussard, LA for reliable tree care services from Lafayette past Calumet

Do you worry about broken branches falling on your home? Do you want to save a tree that was damaged in a recent storm? Bayouside Tree Service offers professional tree care in the New Iberia, Lafayette, Franklin, & Broussard, LA areas. We've got satisfied customers from Lafayette past Calumet. We'll take good care of your trees.

Trees are a valuable resource. From those with historic value to those that simply provide your property with shade and charm, we'll do all we can to keep them healthy for years to come. Call Bayouside Tree Service today to hire an arborist in New Iberia, Lafayette, & Broussard, LA.

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Looking for the tops in tree care? Our on-staff arborist is a qualified tree surgeon. Bayouside Tree Service will do what it takes to safeguard the health of the trees on your property. Call us for:






From branch removal to split trunk repairs, your trees should receive proper tree care to ensure their health. We can take care of the removal or trimming of trees that are close to your home or in hard-to-reach areas.
Get an estimate on tree removal in New Iberia & ,Lafayette LA, or from Lafayette and through Calumet by contacting Bayouside Tree Service today.


We'll take care of mulching and planting on your property

Bayouside Tree Service offers competitive pricing without sacrificing quality. Our company is fully insured and well-qualified to provide an array of services beyond basic tree care. You can count on us for:

  • Mulching
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Call 337-201-7162 today for mulch delivery in the New Iberia, Franklin, & Broussard, LA areas.