Remove  Yard Hazards

Remove Yard Hazards

We offer trimming and tree removal services in Iberia, Lafayette, St Mary, St Martin and Vermillion Parishes.

If you need branches cut back or want to keep your trees healthy, call Bayouside Tree Service for professional tree care in Iberia, Lafayette, St Mary, St Martin, and Vermillion Parishes. Our arborist will take care of the tree trimming and removal work you need done on your residential or commercial property.

A certified arborist knows which branches to cut to improve tree health. Precision tree removal is designed to make your property safer and more appealing. Call 337-201-7162 today for a FREE Estimate!

5 Reasons to hire an arborist for tree trimming

Your insurance company may ask you to remove a tree for safety reasons. Our arborist can assess the health of all the trees on your land. You may want to schedule tree trimming because:

  1. Branches are too close to power lines
  2. Branches are touching your home
  3. You're concerned about dead or hanging branches
  4. Tree trimming will increase your home's curb appeal
  5. You want to change the growth pattern of your trees


Cutting selected limbs can promote the structural integrity of your tree. Make your property safer by contacting Bayouside Tree Service for tree trimming in the following Parishes: Iberia, Lafayette, St Mary, St Martin, Vermillion, and beyond.